Born and raised in New York City, Paige Padgett is the second child of four children. As a child she was brought up in a religious household that strongly up held Christian teachings and constantly enforced the importance of education. Under the parenting of her father and grandmother many accomplishments were made early on in her life. Before her teen years, she achieved black belt status in the Martial Arts and became mock representative for District 51 in the New York City council. Currently Paige is a Political Science major at Lehman College where she desires to obtain a PhD in Political Science and work her way up from local to federal government. By way of political leadership, Paige hopes to share her ideologies and enlighten the world, as well as embrace the diversity that beautifies foreign lands. “Nothing can be lost that isn’t gained”, is a belief she’s carried since as a little girl, and it is the same that she has faith will guide her through adulthood. You can follower her on Twitter via @solothoughts.